DIY Reflow Oven

Finished Reflow Oven

Photo of my reflow oven with the door open

I’ve not posted in a while as I’ve been busy with work and trying to get my reflow oven working has been a little bit more challenging than I expected. I’m going to put together a series of posts on what I did but as that will take me a little time I just wanted to show some pictures of what my finished reflow oven looks like.

I’ve built a small plywood enclosure for the oven as it sits in my study and I didn’t want it setting fire to everything around it. The inside is lined with aluminium tape.

On top sits a Raspberry Pi which acts as the controller and the controllable outlet to adjust the power to the mini oven.

Inside the oven is the thermocouple which I’ve wrapped in high temperature polyimide tape to galvanically isolate it from anything metal as that causes the readings to fluctuate.

I’ve run a few boards through the oven and they’ve all come out really well. The photo below is a close-up of one of them.

I’ll be putting together some posts on how I got everything working and publishing them in the coming weeks.