Close up photograph of the COOWOO USB tester

I’ve recently bought a Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ and wanted to know how much current it was drawing for a small project I’m working on. Looking around on the internet there are quite a few different types but none in particular stood out.

Photo of the packaging for the COOWOO USB tester.

I eventually settled on the COWOO USB Tester. It had all the functions I was looking for – voltage, current, power – and was also QuickCharge 3.0 compatible which was an added bonus.

Unboxed photo of the COOWOO USB tester

The ‘Key’ button on the device allows you to change the format of the display. Plugging it into my phone for a quick test and everything seems to be working nicely.

Photo of the COOWOO USB tester being used on my phone.

I’m not sure how accurate the device is but I’m just looking for indicative results. I may do a later post on that.